Be Careful of What You Ask For!

The 2009-2010 basketball season has been a fairly quiet one for the KU Jayhawks. They have played a lot of games at home and other than the Memphis game haven't had much of a challenge. Temple fans were heard chanting "We Want Kansas!" and they got their wish. Intensity isn't measured by the look on a players face, it is determined by the number of fresh legs the coach has to put on the floor. Get one of the Morris brothers in foul trouble and bingo, you will have to face his well rested brother. Hold Xavier Henry to a few points and his brother CJ will come off the bench and knock down treys. Run with Collins in your face and his replacement Brady Morningstar or Tyrell Reed or that kid Johnson will come in and you will have a face guard that says Kansas across the front. About the time the opponents first team is worn out, the second team winded, KU will put in a bunch of Freshmen that love to run and gun and probably could hold up well with any team in any league. If it were allowed, I'll bet KU could be 1st and 3rd in the BIG XII. I'll give Texas credit for the number two spot. My fantasy league would bump K-State to 4th just when they are hitting their stride.

This morning, we have three inches of new powder snow on the ground. The fact that it is still snowing doesn't help. The Street guys are saying that graders just can't push the white stuff much higher. There is a need for front loaders or snow blowers and we are all praying there isn't much wind. I went up to Dave's and pushed the snow into a large snow fort around the parking area. With any wind at all, that light fluffy new stuff would fill in the middle like water in a swimming pool. As it is, it is three inches over a couple inches of snow packed into ice. Drive slow and it isn't too bad. Drive fast and you'll be in the ditch faster that you can say Go Jayhawks. (Like that segue?)

We were going to go see Avitar yesterday and Dave's battery decided to hit the skids. We stayed home and got a new battery for his car. We have had really good luck with O'Reilly's Automotive. They keep their warranty information on line and with a telephone number recall it whenever it is needed. Now that Dave's car is a seasoned senior citizen with 115,000 miles warranties are a good thing. I am going to get a set of metric wrenches and sockets for his car. Those SAE wrenches just don't fit. I needed a 13mm and had a 1/2 inch wrench. It worked but not well.

The other day I went out to the Tractor Supply Store and they had a bag of "Wild Bird Food" for about $15.00. Judging from the number of birds, squirrels and possums that have shown up regularly it must be a hit. There is some Milo that is slow to get cleaned up but the cracked corn and the black oil sunflower seeds don't last long. The woodpeckers are hitting the suet block and I replace one at least every other day. I just noticed that one of those city slicker sparrows even showed up for a treat. Takes me back to my "Red Ryder" days when sparrows were the hunting bird of choice.
Don't get caught shooting the song birds at our house in Wichita on Byrd street or Mom would take your BB gun and wrap it around a tree. I think Danny Rex learned that the hard way. he also got told that when he runs home to rat my Mom out, he could expect a spanking from his Mom for not following rules. That was back in the day when you better hope your parents didn't hear about the paddling you got at school because it would also happen at home. By the 6th grade, those teachers had big paddles and they drilled holes in them to increase the mass on the ass. It also decreased the air resistance on the swing.

have a great Sunday out there.


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