Airport Security

Once upon a time, in a land far away (Germany), I traveled through an Airport where the security screeners had full automatic weapons and acted like they weren't afraid to use them. We were subjected to full screening of all bags, a wand search of all parts of the body and someone actually looked at our shoes close up. I never felt more safe in my life.

I read that the "pantie bomber" actually got on a plane with no luggage. I was recently in Newark where a person checked in early for their flight and then missed the flight. The Airline stopped the plane and searched the luggage and removed that bag. I never felt more safer about flying that I did when they actually matched luggage and passengers.

If I thought it would make it safer, I would be all for full nudity, done in private of course. But, I am also the person that believes in spanking for adults that act like spoiled children. Look out Ivana, one whine out of you and it here comes the paddle.

We are so spoiled about what is our rights and what we need to do to be completely safe. We want the other guy to be strip searched but "not in our back yard." I have family traveling in Europe right now and nothing will make me happier than they return safely.


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  1. Yeah MUD, flying is now the chore that it once was not. But, we do live in different times. Sadly.

    Yep, there is not a "right" to fly, any more than there is a right to drive, or breathe for that matter. I get bent out of shape when I hear people assign rights to themselves that do not exist.

    The one that bugs me the most is that some people believe that they have the right to not be observed in public. Seriously. They scream that red light cameras, and street surveillance somehow violates some right. Foolish...