Let me share with you why I love the great State of Kansas. Let me start with the fact that we have four true seasons. Winter is cold, summers are hot and the spring and fall are generally transitions between the hot and cold weather. I think the extremes make the other end of the spectrum worthwhile. To be here in the Spring and watch things turn green is amazing. The fall colors are painted on our trees and things are just beautiful.

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you about the people we know and love. Barb and I both worked in places where we got to meet a lot of people. I wish you could be with us when some great big kid will come up to Barb and asks, "Do you remember me?" One of her students or a parent of one of her students will say hi all the time. With Topeka filled with former and retired Guardsmen I meet them daily. In fact one of my friends is a Greeter at Wal*Mart and I see him at least once a week. Barb gets to have lunch with her friends all the time.

We have a bunch of ties to the Universities here in Kansas. I tell people that I don't look good in Purple (KSU) but unless they are playing KU I will be a Wildcat fan. Washburn has great men and women teams and I have seen several of their games. Getting to yell for the Hawks is one passion Barb and I share. Watching them beat Missouri like a rented mule is priceless.

Probably the one greatest thing about living here in Kansas is my family. Having our son and his wife just up the street is so nice. We get together a couple of times a week and sharing a good meal is something we really enjoy. D'a Barbs (Barb Sr and Barb Jr) are out tonight walking, talking and probably doing a little shopping. At one time most of my family was in the Wichita area but mostly we have migrated to the Topeka to KC corridor. This part of the state is rolling hills, lots of trees and as you have seen in the pictures lots of wildlife.

It is one of my hopes that you love where you live and find a large list of things to smile about. I have. 'Cides it makes them wonder what you have been up to.


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