Oh Poor Me!

I have about had it with people that run around and say "Oh Poor Me!" Are we supposed to feel sorry for Conan O'Brien when he settled for 45 Million dollars when he left NBC? That's 2.25 Million dollars over the next 20 years if you spend the bulk of the money. If you figure a simple 3% interest that's 1.35 million a year interest alone. Most of us could take that money, find a nice place to live and live pretty darned good. Pay your taxes and shut the hell up.

My Daughter-in-Law has a saying that I just love. When one of her emotional friends says how tough things are she tells them to put on their big girl panties and deal. In the paper today there was an elementary school child found in the bathroom at his school dead from hanging. Just how many adults missed a depressed little boy and couldn't/didn't help him see that things can't be that bad on the low side of 10.

Just how bad do we really think we have it when we have money left over at the end of the month, about any fast food joint nearby and great cars. I think that it is more about happiness and the desire to smile that determines how we are. My mother is currently in a nursing home and she smiled and told us that she is determined to be as happy as she can. It is not those little moments where she doesn't have control over her bladder, it is the fact that she knows how to smile and wants to. Does she want to be helpless and not have any strength? No, she wants to smile and make the bastards wonder what she is up to.

Yesterday on our trip home from Tulsa, we spotted a Hawk a mile along US 75. I think that if the number of raptors we see is any indication of the health of the flora and fauna, thing must be pretty good. We didn't see many Hawks along US 75 up in Nebraska and probably because the snow was two feet deep and the mice were holed up deep inside their little homes. We saw at least one hawk every mile along the route home and in many cases more than that.



  1. Yeah MUD, you're right. I've had a rougher than normal day today. But at the end of it I thought, "Heck, I could be in Haiti. Or, I could be like that guy that tried to bum a couple of bucks from me this morning at Kroger. Or like my neighbor that rang my doorbell at 10 last night needing gas money to get to ElDorado, AR because his Momma had died.

    Sometimes I think it would be nice to have Conan's problems...