College Athletics

Yesterday, I watched the KU Jayhawks play a very lack luster game and lose to a Tennessee team that should not be in the hunt with so many players missing and dismissed. The thing that MG keeps saying is that this team is a bunch of young players and they will get better. I think that's the secret to really enjoying sports. What does it really matter who wins when it is a bunch of kids playing a game. If it really mattered, you would find dead people all over Jayhawk land caused by the loss. Did Texas go to hell when they lost the BCS Championship? No, of course not, it was a game. Yes, those Championship banners look good covering the bare rafters of Fog Allen Field house. Would the roof fall in if they were not there? What was the win count when they lost this game 12 or 13? The 1988 team lost a bunch of games heading to the Championship. Undefeated is just a word.

I read that today is going to be a day where some serious melting should take place. We need it big time. In spite of all the melting, there should be piles of snow on most of the intersections for a couple of months. There is a store that is closed in California Crossing (29th and California here in Topeka) and they piled up all the snow in a large pile in front of that store. I'll bet there will be snow there until Easter.

The paper this morning had an article about "Green Projects" people have done to improve our environment and save utilities. Every year, I promise myself that I am going to do something to bring in heat or hold it in but I seem to never get a "Round Tuit". Dave's new house is right for all sorts of improvements. I guess I need a swift kick now and then to get things started.

Oh well, things to do and places to go.



  1. I've been noticing that the snow piles, which are prevalent in every parking lot and at every intersection (yes, how wise to pile up snow so you can't see vehicles coming) - are now full of trash that's blown into them. Ick.

    Kansas will prevail in March. That's my prediction and I did pick Alabama for the BCS. I won bragging rights.

    Have a good day, Mr. MUD.

  2. Hey MUD! Man, you are right about it only being a game.

    When you're young, stuff like losing to TN, or beating a #1 Kansas can be either heart-breaking, or breathtaking. But, as you get older, you realize that almost nobody really remembers what happened when in a few years.

    Richard Nixon (in his old age)once told a group of young aspiring politicos to "never be too thrilled with your own successes, and never be too disappointed with your defeats." Well, I reckon Nixon wasn't the only one to figure that out, huh?

    Yeah, I know y'all are earning your "Snowman PHD" (Piled High & Deep) in the central plains. Man, when I lived in Durango, CO, you could not see at the street intersections one year...they had piled the stuff up on every corner...finally had to hire trucks to come in and haul it out.

    So, I know of what you speak. It's a pain. Stay warm, man.