I Was Wrong!

Many of you have read that I though the people in Massachusetts didn't have it in them to elect a Republican when our Nation needed one. We truly needed one more to break the strangle hold the Democrats had on the Senate. With this one lone seat, the Republicans can debate bills until the senate gets it right. With a 60 vote majority, the Dem's could ram about anything through without having to come across the aisle for any reason. Now, they will at least have to talk to the minority party. It also appears that Chris Brown is a pretty good guy with some real life experience. There in mass they seem to elect people from pampered families that don't have to work for the money they have. I was wrong! Thanks Mass. Now, I must also admit that if it were not for spell checker I could not spell Massachusetts correctly three times out of 10.

Does anyone out there know any of the Olympic athletes that are going to compete next month? There is even a commercial about our pot smoking swimmer Mikey showing on TV. Isn't swimming a summer Olympic sport? Oh no, there is Apollo Ono the guy that skates real fast in small circles and has those funny chin whiskers. I understand less about speed skating than any other Olympic sport. I can't help but smile every time I think about my fat belly in skin tight skater gear. Those little guys look like a bunch of Corvette's getting ready and I would be a Mac Truck. (or a Volvo for those of you watching the names on trucks now days)

I just finished W.E.B. Griffin's latest book. It takes us back to the Mid WWII days and the spy efforts in Argentina. This book has let our Hero slip into the politics and how we helped Argentina avoid a Civil Way like the one that ripped Spain apart. It just introduced the character Eva Duarte Peron and how the German money helped her husband become rich and I assume famous. Juan Peron in moving from infamous to famous in the book and they have set up the next book very well. It was more of a continuation of the story like a TV series rather than a book that stands on its own. But, it is my popcorn and I'll continue to read any and all new books that the Butterworth boys write.

Our front porch kitty has been curiously absent for about three days. he is by the hour approaching a new record for time off the farm. I'm pretty sure that he is at a nearby farm visiting the ladies and most likely will show up either battle scarred or come back for some rest and recuperation. Food and a sunny spot on the south porch do wonders for rebuilding his stamina and fur. Either way, just not having him rush into the garage every time I open a door is a break for me.

Off to do some work at Valley Brooke today. Then, basketball tonight.



  1. MUD, I was wrong myself. I didn't see any way it could happen. Maybe they're not always Dumassachussetts.

    Pal, I can not name one winter Olympics athlete...or Summer for that matter. I have not watched the Olympics in close to 30 years. It just doesn't interest me.

    Good luck against The Bears.

  2. See what happens when the last of the Kennedy mob family is out of politics?! People of Massachusetts may actually have something to say, and now they can without worrying about being driven off a bridge into a lake, poisoned to death, or shot!

  3. Partial to the Hockey Tournament. It is the game I grew up with near the 49th Parallel in NC Montana and Southern Alberta as a youngster. The Biathlon is also one I tend to take an interest in. My Dad tried out for the 64 team when it was dominated by soldiers in alpine/mountain units from around the world. They used real service rifles and full kit.