Cute Story

Me and Lolly Blinn in 1952. Sharin' and carin'.

After a major natural disaster, several thousand people showed up in front of the pearly gates. Saint Peter was somewhat overwhelmed. He told all the women to stand over to the left and all the men to make two lines on the right. The first line was all the men that ruled their wives and the second line was those who had their lives ruled by women. Saint Peter took the women away and when god came out, he saw that the first line had only one man in it while the second line went on for miles. God was angered and said, " I made man in my image and only one of you was man enough to rule their own life? He patted the lone man on the back and said tell me how you ruled. The man said, " I'm not sure, my wife told me to stand in this line."



  1. So true:) I think Keith could probably manage without me, but he would have to call his mother.