I Don't Trust Anyone

Yesterday the phone rang and a fellow identified himself as being from the NRA. He called me by my first name, Dennis, and launched into the defense of guns and hunting. He then asked me if the Government came after my guns if I would want them stopped. At that time I stopped him and said, "I will neither confirm or deny ownership of weapons to anyone. After spending a year in Vietnam hunting I no longer consider carrying a gun a sport that I enjoy." I then ended the phone call.

I am MUD, Mr Petty or Colonel when you call me the first time. I don't kiss on the first date either. (Well, I would if I could) I sure as hell won't tell you about my guns over the phone. I Love My Country, and fear my Government.



  1. Freaking GREAT post, Dennis.

  2. Mean Uncle Denny...I concur

  3. What they said...

  4. Well said Mr. Petty or shall I call you Colonel, ah heck your MUD to me:)