More Snow

Yesterday I ventured out in the Ford and as long as I took it easy, things went well. There seems to be a few crazies that think that because they can go fast, they should. Let me 'Splain it to you Lucy, on dry roads, you could go a lot faster and stop quickly. On icy roads, "Not so Much". This morning when I went out to get the paper there was at least an inch of new snow on the car and coating the branches. Now when the birds congregate in the trees as they line up to come in and feed, they knock small amounts of the snow off. It is kinds pretty with a sun making the snow sparkle, but don't let it fool ya', baby it is cold outside.

I wonder what the new Medical Bill would really cost if everyone paid their fair share? Cut out all the pork and let everyone take a full pull at the cost and see what would be the cost of the last full measure. I am not sure why Medical Insurance should not be like car insurance. Declare what you want up front and make it cost different for what you want. You want $100, $500 or $1,000 deductible? You want abortions or vasectomies covered? You pay for what you get and I'll bet there could be something we could all afford. Can't afford it? We'll fine you $750! Start paying in 2010 for what will start in 2014? That's the biggest reason the thing went from almost a Billion over budget to neutral impact for 10 years. If there was ever a reason for electing a congress that is in touch, the Cap and Trade, the pork in the stimulus and now the pork in the Medical Bill should be enough. Read the handwriting boys and girls, they will start cutting the Military next and throw a few more hundred thousand minorities out of work. Cut jobs and spend more. That's the ticket.

MUD for now, I may have to change my name to MAD...


  1. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Hey MAD!!!

    Actually, health insurance has worked that way. It is mainly the employers that do the shopping around for what plans they want to have for their employees. It works that way for individuals too but it is much more expensive.

  2. Hey MAD, good thoughts. Yeah, I saw y'all got some more. My boy in Omaha is getting a full taste like he hasn't had since we lived in Colorado.

    We've got snow forecast for Thursday here in LA. Snow is not unheard of, but it's rarely as cold when it falls...forecasting mid-teens.

    I fear you are right about the military cuts coming. The Congress is clueless...even some on the supposedly "clued in" side of the aisle. Oh well...

    Stay warm.