Roundball Bounces

The last unbeaten Div 1 Men's basketball team lost and again the bounce of the basketball picks will be heard around the US. The Quest for that number 1 title will move from team to team for the rest of the season. We all know that the basketball season has three parts. The pre-season games are tune ups and from time to time will find a Div II team get invited to the hardwood for a part in the tune up. The regular season just lines up the teams in the League and is part of the pick for the final 64 teams to play in the "Big Dance." If I were to point a finger at the BIG XII, I would say that there are six teams probably going to be there. Kansas, Texas, K-State, Baylor, Oklahoma State and one of the Texas teams (A&M or Tech) I will refer back to this in March and see how correct I am. The only tough part in the BIG XII is winning on the road. Kansas has 53 wins at home and still has a road game with Texas and all the northern Division teams except Nebraska and Iowa.

For a basketball fan, this has been a pretty good week. I got to see the Hawks play on Saturday, Monday night and last night I saw K-State and Baylor go at it. That game wasn't decided until the buzzer. Both teams played a great game and it wasn't a walk over by any means. From time to time I will watch someone else play if they are a ranked team just to get a feel for what is happening in the other leagues. One major flaw I see is the way fouls are called. In the Missouri/KU game, they allowed tackle basketball and at Baylor they darned near fouled out the entire team on both sides. Most of the other leagues are letting teams play and using the "No Blood, No Foul" rule. The calling of charging or not calling it by where the defensive player is under the basket has to have some help. They need to put a dotted line so the defensive player can tell if he is in position to stop a player driving to the basket.

We still have a road trip to Austin and to Stillwater for later on this year. I'll watch the March Madness on TV and if I want to catch games in person, I will go to our Expocentre and watch the Class V high school teams play. For a couple of dollars you can watch basketball until your eyes bleed.

My code is better but it still makes me breathe through my mouth a lot. Good thing I can I guess. Take care out there and find something you enjoy.


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