Life 101

If you have a best friend that will drop everything for you,be there for you through thick and thin, still loves you when you mess up and still loves you for all your faults... copy and paste this to your status.

From time to time, I might say things about my wife in jest, but after 42 years she is truly my best friend. For every folly I have wanted to chase, she has found a way to keep us on track. For every mistake I have made, she has found a way to smile and hug me anyway. Barb has a way to see through the wants and point out the needs.

When I see her, I want to share a hug and give her a kiss when I leave. When we get out of the car, I like to hold her hand. She listens to my endless stories and ideas. I hope your best friend is all those things for you.

Earlier I forgot to say that from the first moment I saw her she was the most beautiful person I could ever want.



  1. You forgot to add that she's beautiful. :)

  2. MUD, that was just beautiful. And SO familiar.

    Man...just beautiful. The photo of Barb, and what you wrote. Heck, I'd better send you an e-mail because I don't think blogger comments will allow that many lines.