Baylor Game Tomorrow Night

Our good friend Paul just called and asked if we wanted to purchase his tickets to the Baylor game tomorrow. We saw Baylor play last year at home and I think it might be fun to see how they have improved. Paul obviously didn't go to Phoenix this year. I thought he had forgotten us and found someone else to sell the extra tickets to. I love to go see the hawks play and always have a good time there in Lawrence.

How about those K-Staters. They gave Texas about as much game as they could and thank god it was enough. We are planning on going to Austin to see the Texas/Kansas game in early February so it really has set up that game for a great game. Probably will be the difference between first and second or third in the BIG XII. We'll take Dave and his wife with us so they can visit our good friend Mel there in Austin. It will make for a long drive home on Tuesday but with 4 drivers we should be able to pull it off.

Today I am finishing the new W.E.B. Griffin book and this afternoon we will go over to the Valley Brook house to put together plans on the final touches. We will run a test run on the market probably soon and see how/if it sells. It really is a nice little house in the middle of the market price wise. It has a lot of potential but it might not be the best time to sell.

Oh well, write if you have time.


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