Baylor Comes to lawrence

Baylor came to Allen Field House ready to play a game with the Jayhawks. They shot 52% and out rebounded the Crimson and Blue by five. At about 8 minutes left in the game the hawks had a 10 point lead and it looked like a typical big finish. Three three point shots later and it is tied with about three minutes left. In typical fashion, the hawks started playing and got sent to the free throw line - a lot and made most of what they shot. In the end KU won but it was not an easy victory over a good Baylor team.

This was shot off the scoreboard and not the best picture. It does show that the banner with all the BIG XII titles isn't up there for nothing. Bill Self is leading his hawks on to victory and we now have a streak of 53 home victories.

Is it just me or is this kind of creepy to you? The little Jayhawk has his eyes on one of the KU Dancers and is sneaking up behind her.

In a little while, Barb and I are going to load up in the Ford and head to Tulsa. Mom is in a nursing home down there and we are going to drop in for a visit.
We still have a little snow on the ground here. It is hanging in there on the north side of the far hill and anywhere the plows piled it up. I think it stayed above freezing last night and it should rain in the next couple of days. Snow over the weekend ahead.

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  1. MUD, congrats to your Jayhawks. Baylor always comes to play...the girl's team, even more than the men's.

    I've got some history with Baylor's girl team head coach that I won't go into.

    Man, you are right about that last shot being "creepy." But maybe not. Heck, I'd probably have done the same dang thing.

    Hope your Momma's okay. Later, Andy