North to Alaska, er, to Nebraska Dennis

This morning I ventured out to get the paper and it was a warm balmy 20 degrees. You could feel the warm southerly winds starting and the weatherman is predicting 40. Yesterday it was overcast and cloudy and never got to 32. I have Twin falls as one of the weather sites on my new iPhone and it has been warmer there by 10 degrees most of the week. Perhaps we'll get a break for a few days. The jet stream that has brought us these warm temps is shifting a little east so at least we won't be locked into arctic temps.

For some reason the garmin Nuvi plugged into the charging system of the Ford caused the battery to be low enough to turn on the check engine light. The battery was about 6 years old and that was part of the problem but a new battery and unplugging the Garmin when not in use solved the problem. When tested, the code said it had to do with the electronic fuel pump not having the right current. Every thing's fine for a road trip later.

My niece, Jen is taking training for her job as a fireman. She is in Topeka this week. I took her a batch of Uncle Chuck's Chocolate Chip cookies but just missed her as she left for lunch. She has met a guy I have known for years and they have been having a good time. Tom Kilmartin's kids went to T. South and Barb knew the family. Tom went through the TeleTech training I taught and we had a good time laughing at the kids and their antics. Most old guys don't begin to understand 20 something girls. It was always a surprise to see what they would say or do. Not in a bad way, but in a way that perplexed us.

Better get this rodeo on the road north. I'll throw the puppies a little extra feed this AM and we'll be home tomorrow early.



  1. Have fun! Be good! Or at least be safe!

  2. Hey MUD...what Flea said.

  3. Careful out there, MUD!

    Maybe it'll warm up sometime; we're having some mid-50's here now.