57 Chevy Test

This is a test of your knowledge of the 57 Chevy:
  1. The top of the line in 1957 was; a. Impala b. Bel Air c. Nomad.
  2. The gas cap is located; a. on the left fender. b. under the license plate c. Above the taillight
  3. What was the name of the top of the line Station Wagon: a. Impala b. Bel Air c. Nomad
  4. Did all 57's have a brushed aluminum panel on the side? T or F
  5. The Hardtop came only on the 2 dr model? T or F
  6. You could only get the Hardtop on the Bel Air line: T or F
  7. The stock wheel size was: 14 in, 15 in or 16 in
  8. Where did the bow tie emblem appear? On the trunk, on the hood or on the grill?
  9. You could get the 57 with a 265 (6 cyl), the 283 or the 327? T or F
  10. Electric Windows and seat were available on the 57? T or F
  11. Electric wipers were available on the 57. T or F
  12. What color were the V's on the hood and trunk on the Bel Air? Silver, Gold or Brushed Chrome?
  13. The 6 cylinder motor was called? a. Torque Flight, b. Blue Flame or C. Power Pack

  1. The top of the line model in 1957 was the Bel Air.
  2. The gas cap was located in the chrome above the tail light.
  3. The Nomad was the top of the line Station Wagon.
  4. Only the Bel Air had a brushed aluminum panel on the rear fenders. Less expensive models had a painted insert.
  5. The Hard Top came in both the 2dr and 4 dr model.
  6. Not many were made, but the hard top was available in lesser lines than the Bel Air.
  7. Stock wheel size on the 57 was 14 inch.
  8. The bow tie emblem was on the grill of the 57.
  9. The 327 motor was not available in 57. There were a few Fuel Injected motors in the 283 and a power pack motor with a 4 barrel available.
  10. Electric windows and an electric seat was available in 1957.
  11. Electric wipers were available in 1957.
  12. The Bel Airs had a gold V on the hood and the trunk.
  13. The 6 cylinder motor was called the Blue Flame.
1 to 3 correct, Ford Driver
4 -5 Over 50 or owned a 57
6-9 Chevy lover
9-12 Expert
13 You either owned a 57, own one now or you cheated.



  1. I scored 5. I'm only 40, but as a teen I loved the 57 Chevy. A thing of beauty to behold. :)

  2. ha ha ... My dad bought a 57 Bel Air right off the show room floor .... and if he would have kept it .. it would be worth far more today than he paid for it new!

  3. About 10 years ago a 57 chevy convertible sold for over $60,000. Today they are worth about half that. I am not sure what mine is worth today. MUD

  4. I don't know a thing about a '57 Chevy. Danny had a '47 Chevy pickup that he rebuilt. I couldn't tell you anything about it either except it shore was purdy.