Mowin' and Grillin'

Seems like a good day for me is to spend a couple of hours on the mower followed by a couple of hours on the grill. Stuff myself with a good meal and a quick nap. That was after I spent a couple of hours working on the mower to make it run well.

Had a problem with the hydraulics on the tractor and just couldn't get it to work right. I went to the Big Boy's Toy store, Tractor Supply and found a Hydraulic Oil filter adapter and after crafting a way to fasten it on, everything now works proper and well. I added new oil after I drained the old oil out. Actually, when I cut the hose to install the filter it all drained out but it sounds more like preventive maintenance when I say I drained it out.

Barb made cinnamon rolls for Dave and when I awoke from my nap they were all gone. I was informed that "You snooze, you loose." Dang, at least I got some of the rolls which were the best.

What do you marinate your meat with prior to grilling? I found that Italian dressing for the chicken is about as good as it gets. The steaks get a rubbing of a taco seasoning, paprika, garlic and enough soy sauce to make it all wet in a gallon zip lock bag. I let it marinate for at least a couple of hours. Put that on a grill with charcoal and a hickory log and it doesn't get any better.
OK, there was a brat or two on the back of the grill while i cooked the chicken. I have to test one to make sure they are done between the chicken and the steak. With two Weber's, I could cook both at the same time but I cook low and slow and listen to the radio out on the deck. On Sunday, I listen to Money Talk and see if I can remember what the heck the investment vehicles are all about. Being retired, the return of my money is more important than the return on my money. My tolerance for risk is pretty low.

Oh well, miles to go and lots to do. Have fun and be safe out there.



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    Try some of these, they are awesome!

  2. I absolutely love KC Masterpiece Hickory flavored BBQ if I use any at all.