Cars of today for tomorrow

This is the Chevrolet Volt. I would recommend you google it and read the details. It has a generator and an electric motor built in. Notice the plug in laying on the floor

This is the Tesla sports car that is powered by Lithium Ion batteries and the batteries alone cost $30,000 of the $90,000 total price. The body is Carbon-Fiber and it is one quiet and cute little car.



  1. So where does the electricity come from to power these cars? Is it wind generated? Collected in solar panels? These are things I just don't understand, but it sure would be nice if someone would find THE solution and then explain it to me in very. simple. terms.

  2. According to the program I mentioned in the next blog, all re-charging should be done on the Off-Peak hours overnight. When the majority of us are in out beds asleep, our cars would be charging slowly at a very minimal cost. The estimate I heard is that the batteries and recharges would cost about 1/4 of the cost of gasoline for the same miles. Great question. The problem will be solved when and only when the congress does something and not sit on their butt. If they come home for the election break without considering the question of drilling authorization, I will consider that a "no" answer and vote against anyone sitting in congress. MUD

  3. finally some smart cars with smart lines. I appreciate economy, but a person likes some good taste to go with good sense. Those are some nice looking vehicles.