Final Leg of the Race

We will have our house guests starting tomorrow night so we are on the final leg of the frantic dust bunny hunt. Things are looking pretty good here so a once over with a light mop and a dust rag is in order. The Master Gardner is in the spare bedroom performing miracles in one of the closet so the doors will close without bulging out into the room. I guess buying 12 storage containers should have been the sign. At least it is organized stuff.

It is a cloudy, windy day and it has rained a little bit here in the Heartland. Probably means that the humidity will pass the 80% mark all day today and tomorrow. The poor old air conditioner runs as hard as its little feet can run and it only removes about 20% of the humidity in the house. Barb is also on the economy kick and lets it get up to 82 during the daytime. Dang, if I didn't run a fan, I would stick to the couch.

I am seriously looking at a way to improve the mileage of the vehicles here at Rabbit Run farm. The 57 and the truck both get near 15 on the road but seem to only do a little over 10 in the city. If you have any ideas let me know.

Better get my dust rag out and get to dusting those bunnies. Never know when they might get to multiplying. Stay Cool.



  1. I completely understand about the whole "sticking to the couch" thing! It is horrible!

  2. Post a picture of the 57!