Another Published Note

Not long ago I posted a note I sent to the National Guard magazine. Just yesterday I got my new Super Chevy September 2008 copy and they published another of my Letters to the editor. I am serious about getting my 57 Chevy up to 30 MPG. The Super Chevy Guys continue to push big motors and 600 Horse Power. Is it any wonder that the environmentalists want to turn all our old cars into plow shares? (Click on the article if you care to read it)

This is just a quick note to say that I am not sure if my pushing the issue makes me the butt of the joke or if the joke is on them and at 10 MPG they will soon run out of people that can afford to do much more than read their magazine.



  1. Keep pushing! They have to figure out what makes sense eventually - right?

  2. I haven't gone back far enough in your archives to know...

    What engine do you have in the 1957? Might there be a more efficient carburetor design? Sooner or later someone will come around to the mileage game.

  3. The 57 has the 283 engine with a four barrel carb. It runs great and will pass everything but the gas station. The motor is stock and I will keep that motor but would replace it with a V6 or smaller if I could find the right motor. MUD