Rick Pics

This is the first picture of my brother Rick taken at Westley Medical Center in 1952. I had never seen this picture until today.

This is Rick about 6 months old. Quite the swinger as you can see.

We were in Arkansas and Rick was climbing into the trunk of Grandpa's car.

This must have been kindergarten.

1st Grade
One of Dad's Haircuts.

Joe Cool with the open collar.

Some of the teachers made us button our collars. Why? Because they could!

I assume this is about the time he was 12.

Here he is surveying the soap box racer he and dad built. It went fast and straight until you applied the brake and then look out!

This is my brother Rick with our cousin Cathy taken in 2006. Two pretty darned nice people.


  1. Honestly, I think that your folks just paid for one set of pictures of the two of y'all. You cannot tell the difference. Dang.

  2. buttoning those top collar buttons was sure important for my 1st grade teacher too! But when she turned around I undid mine. She caught me .... gave me a whipping and I still had to have my picture taken with the top button buttoned!

  3. If you will notice the first picture says C. Petty or Carolyn Petty...thus identifying her newborn baby...my sister Kristy. That was the first picture ever taken of her.

  4. And I don't think there were color photographs in 1952...were there?