Mad Dash to Tulsa

Barb and I decided to go to Tulsa last week and see if we could convince Mom to come to Topeka for the 4th. On Tuesday, mom was really sick and was rushed to the hospital. We drove down yesterday to see if she would be OK. When we got there she was sitting up in bed just having a gay old time. It seems that she has been having a bladder infection that they are having a tough time getting rid of and when it wears he down she needs a trip to the Hospital. She is home today and doing well.

Barb likes to go to Arnold's Greenhouse by Leroy Kansas and she always finds some nice and/or new plant to add to our collection. I think I got off for only about $90.00 this time and feel lucky at that.

We had reservations in Independence for Wednesday evening so we went back there after visiting Mom in the hospital. There is a Microtel Hotel there that is clean, new and neat. Other than having someone set off WWIII about midnight in the parking lot across the street. Kids and their fireworks.

I would spend some more time chatting but I hear a nap calling. Dennis! take one!


  1. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Whew! I've been worried that things were bad or worse for your Mom. I am glad to hear that it is just and infection and that she is doing well. I'm glad y'all ran down to see her!

    And as far as my post on my blog... no expectations from you MUD! No judgment either. In the end we all have to figure this stuff out for ourselves, no one can do it for us.

  2. Y'all should come for dinner next time you're in town! Well, after you know for sure mom's okay. :)

    So what is there to do in Kansas? The Hunny's talking about our next camping trip and looking at neighboring states. Anything interesting? Water features? Hiking?