Bad Eyesight

The person that marked this picture used some kind of a marker that with my bad eyesight I read as R Petty not C Petty. I have been informed that this is Kristy's picture and not Rick. I had never seen this picture before so I beg forgiveness for the error.

I guess as it was pointed out that in 1952, it is unlikely that a color picture would have been made. I know there were color motion pictures taken during WWII (1940's) and in professional studios there were color pictures available but, duh Dennis, a baby picture in 1952 is likely to be basic black and white. I guess a daughter should look somewhat like her dad.

Basic cleaning today. Barb incorporated a small zuccini squash into an omelet this morning and it was mighty tasty. Nice texture and taste. With a sprinkle of cheese, you could probably serve me a newspaper in the morning, but I swear this was pretty darned good. Our tomatos have been very tasty. Kind of smallish yet but good. Barb is out in the garden browsing for more tasty treats. Have a safe day out there.


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