Well. Summer's Here

We have had a week of really nice weather. It has been in the 80's and the air was from the north and a lot drier than normal. Today will be the day when the wind turns and brings that warm moist air up from the south. It is predicted to be in the mid to upper 90's and people will be hiding inside or in the shade by late in the afternoon.

A minor pause there while I went out and mowed a path through the vegetable garden. Barb wants to put some mulch on the paths so she won't have to mow and she can control the weeds. I am concerned that a lot of the leaves are from the Black Walnut trees and they just kill tomatoes. We'll see if a year in the compost helped or not.

Barb was pushing my man sized wheel barrel. She says the wagon (Radio Flyer from early 80's) is not big enough and the big wheel barrel is too big. She is just sure that she can steal more chain than she can swim with. Mostly the trick is balance and you just have to have a lot of practice to make one work the right way or it is tippy. I guess some strength is also involved. Looks like I know what I'll be getting on my next trip to Lowe's. Sure hope that make a garden size one. In the early years of my college days I worked construction and have pushed more sand and rock in a wheel barrel than I care to remember. One Job sight they built a retaining wall and then hauled in 20 truck loads of sand to fill the inside. I not only had to lift it over the retaining wall, I then had to relocate it to the entire surface to a level of about 3 1/2 feet. That building was at least 100X200 feet and I moved that sand as quick as I could. The boss was going to get a bucket loader to put it over the outside wall at first but he saw how much I could do and just never got one ordered. I used a grain scoop and could fill a wheel barrel in about 8 shovels full. Work never killed anyone that loved to work.

Yesterday, I went to a used book store to find the next book in a series by W.E.B. Griffin. I ad two copies of a book in another series and traded one of them in for the one I was missing. I still had to pay the guy $2.69 but I think having the new book will be a better deal. One of these days I am going to read his Brotherhood of War series again. Seems like in each one of his books one of the hero's is a rich dude and wins the ladies and the war. In my reality, I was a poor kid hat made good and worked hard. I learned the crafts that were needed to keep myself located and in contact with the Artillery. I protected my men and kept as many alive as I could. I also had the good fortune of not shooting my artillery anywhere I hit my guys also. Luck played a good part in that as they didn't always tell me where they were with any accuracy.

Oh well, I had better get something done as Barb is still out there working and here I sit inside writing. I will admit that she had about a 30 minute start on me today as I read late.

Have a great Sunday out there and be as good as you care to. Or, smile and make them wonder what the hell you have been up to.

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