Front Porch

Somewhere in the 1969-1971 time frame, Curly, My dad, Harvey Blinn and I built the front porch on the lake house at Beaver Lake. It was mixed in a cement mixer and poured by hand over a period of two days. Dad drove the tractor bringing gravel to mix with the sand and Harvey and I did most of the manual labor. Harvey was by that time a carpenter and I was a common laborer. I'm not sure how we managed to convince Harvey to come help other than he was a really good pal. His wife, Pat, was PG with their first child Eddy. (named after Harvey's Dad, Egdar) That front porch supported many hours of family visits and I am pretty sure that most of us would love to hear Erma call us kid and watch Curly swat flies with one of his dogs in his lap.

This is a picture of the nieces in the Petty family at one of their get togethers. This picture is taken in front of the porch and is a reenactment of a picture of the girls when they performed the "Three Little Pigs" one year when the entire clan went down there for one of Erma & Curly's anniversaries. This is the greatest collection of young women you could ever want to know. I hope their girls weekend at the lake is fun this year and they get to rebond.



  1. I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be.

  2. Great story! The place looks different now but I hope they never change that porch!

  3. Anonymous9:36 AM

    How fun! Love the piggy snouts! Too bad y'all can't adopt me so I can go.