Hello America, Wake Up and Read!

The Topeka Capital Journal ran an ad by my Medical Group, the Cotton-O'Neil Clinic yesterday.
"July 6, 2008

Open Letter to our Medicare patients:

Cotton-O'Neil Clinic has a had a long-standing commitment to provide access to high quality health care for out patients. However, recent actions by Congress are making it incredibly difficult to cover the costs of providing care to our Medicare patients.

On July 1, Medicare cut physicians payments by 10.6%. Just like like every other business and household, our costs are increasing steadily. Because Congress did not stop these cuts, all of our primary care physicians have regretfully closed their practice to new Medicare patients as of July 1, 2008."

Wake up America, the same Government that blew our Social Security Money wants to take over your Medical Insurance. They will manage that program the same way they Will manage the Medicare program. I for one don't want them to be in charge of a program so valuable to my personal health. I don't care what some bone headed politician tells you, they will screw this pooch and we will have poorer health care not better. Could you take a 10.6% cut in your income? Well, wait until next year when the Democrats cut off the Tax breaks and increase Taxes. Wait until they cut the money they put into the mandated health care program and then try to find a Doctor that cares about your problems. Try to get into a Hospital without some supplemental Health Care Insurance. WAKE UP AMERICA!

Do your want your health care brought to you by the same Governmet that brought you FEMA? Do you want your health care brought to you by the same Government that Brought you the Corp of Engineer Levies around New Orleans? Do you want your health care brought to you by the same Government that continues to spend every dime it takes in and then some?

Yes, I have an excellent health care program, but it is the same one that I have paid for most of my Adult life. I have a policy with Blue Cross and Blue Shield and TriCare. I will not drop the Blue Cross policy until I am comfortable that TriCare will be fully funded and be able to take care of me and Barb. Not in this life time, yet.



  1. Man, you should hear the ad run by the AMA that I hear every single morning. Like this: "Big, insurance companies with their H-U-G-E profits" and "doctors have stopped taking new patients" and "call Senators Cochran and Wicker to tell them that healthcare is your number one concern."

    The narrator of the ad sounds like that movie announcer guy for horror movies.

    I do take one issue about the levees. They performed exactly as they were designed for a Cat 3 and susequent rain. The first one to fail that placed undue stress on others was constructed on a no-bid contract during the Clinton administration by Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu's brother. Using the "intelligence" and "logic" of the Left, he should be tried for hate and war crimes.

  2. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Health care is a dirty business these days. People do not understand that universal healthcare is not free. They do not understand that they will be giving up their choices and that others will be determining whether they are worthy of care or not. Insurance companies try to do this to a certain extent but if enough employees complain about the coverage, the companies go looking for better insurance. Because the insurance companies are in competition employers can shop around for their employees. If it is all in one big government bucket it will just be another freedom lost.

  3. Coffee Bean, we know that we have to pay for it, but the people that are demanding it will not have to pay. To them, it is free. And they do not care if they have no choice in providers, they have never had a choice anyway. I have contemplated this topic for so long that the one thing that I know, is that we are definitely gonna get it. In the shorts.

    Yes, it will certainly be terrible.

  4. Anonymous1:37 PM

    We had a dermatologist in Lawrence refuse to take Ray as a patient because of medicare. We have a Blue Cross/ Blue Shield as well but that did not matter. We went to Overland Park to a good doctor who used to be in practice with the one in Lawrence, I liked him better anyway. He said sure when asked if he took medicare. Who knew?
    Your sister Sue

  5. In my line of buisness we are feeling this every day and know the goverment in all its wisdom came up with competitive bidding which is just a way to screw the pt's and the people who take care of them. I don't know what the answer is but after a week of it I know that this is not it!