When? 1968?

I won't presume to speak for her, but this was the best thing I ever did. February 11th, 1968 in the Chapel of the Bells, Las Vegas Nevada. Barb, I love you as much now as I did then.


  1. Anonymous2:41 PM

    How sweet is that?!?!? I absolutely love it when I hear someone say something like that about their spouse when they've been married a long time!

  2. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Goodnes, "sir". I still had another year of high school!

    Sweet - sweet picture.

    ~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

  3. Anonymous4:55 PM

    ...and I learned to spell in high school too...believe it, or not.

  4. Y'all have not aged one damn day. And I am going to go w-a-a-a-y out on a limb here, but I bet that suit that you are wearing is not designer one. I bet that you got that off the rack at some place and didn't even pay much money for it.

    Denny, you were so damn skinny then I bet you had to poke a couple of extra holes in your watchband to keep from losing it.

    You could have used your ribbons as a belt. But, I bet you could do 500 push-ups.

  5. Awwww! What a cute couple and a sweet, sweet post.

  6. Ah, but did you know that the night before this photo was taken I was hemming that very dress? And just 3 yrs later you both were pressed into standing up for us in the same darn LV Chapel.

  7. Barb said the dress was her high school graduation dress and you and Sandy made the Over dress with the nice lace. She was really thankful that you two pitched in to help make it a special day. We loved being there for you and George. MUD