Do you remember your dreams? Are they some insight into your mind and you work through problems and find your answers to those deep questions? Do they reflect how you feel on a conscious or subconscious level? I can't answer that for you, but i would like to share my last night's dreams. Or at least the one big one that occupied my mind for most of the last part of the night.

I was selected to be on an 8 man jury type panel and we were given two days to argue/discuss issues as a four man group and then debate the opposite side of the question. We spent three hours in discussion/preparation of our material and then we had a one hour debate. Our job was to discuss Capital Punishment from both sides. I am very pro punishment and remember the first debate where we supported the issue as being very easy and fun for my group. In my dream, we creamed the other side. That afternoon we had to take the other side and it was a struggle to pull the team together to defend not taking an eye for an eye. We failed miserably in that debate and the other group used much of our material to cream us.

I woke up before the second day was in full swing and had to write that dream down before it slowly goes away. It always surprises me how vivid the dream is and how the memories drift away as the day progresses.

Just so you know, I love to work with groups and have been a debate judge for my son's debate class when he was in High School. I love to have a good argument and spending a couple of days doing a project like that would charge my batteries. It was a good dream not one that I would hate to really live.

I have had dreams like this when there was a big question to work through. I have not had any this organized or complete.

Have a great day, or sweet dreams...



  1. Hi! I popped over from Coffee Bean's blog.

    I always have dreams - very vivid and usually very, very strange - but I have never really written them down. I do remember some of them and sometimes they reflect things going on in my life (past, present, or future) but sometimes it is just strange.

    For example - I blogged about my dream that I was auditioning for American Idol. I don't think THAT is going to happen anytime soon!

  2. I rarely dream. I sleep lightly. It's one of those mom things. I can hear the slightest noise that is out of the ordinary and I am up to see what's going on. Even though I sleep lightly, I also sleep soundly, which seems a contradiction. When my head hits the pillow, I am out and I sleep hard unless I'm alerted that there is something I need to check. The few dreams I've had have been very vivid and I still remember most of them.

    Mine are not usually dreams where I work through problems though. They are more often about things that happened or that I saw. A few have been about subconcious fears.

    In one strange dream I had in high school, I saw a store put into a mall down to exact location, decor--everything--a few months before it was there. It was part of a chain of stores, but I had never seen one or heard of them before. I don't believe in true prophetic visions or dreams unless there is some profit to them. Since I can't see any profit to this dream, I chalk it up to a fluke, but sometimes I wonder if God was trying to tell me something through that dream and I just didn't listen closely enough.

    As for the capital punishment thing, I thought I was very pro capital punishment until earlier this month. Capital punishment was being discussed on a message board and someone said something that made me question my stance. I'm still not sure where I stand on the issue now.