Puns and Pains

Today in the paper, the Dear Abbey replacement writer, had a submission from a person that likes puns. I think word games that are the punchline to jokes are the best. Here are a few of the punchlines, make up your own jokes.
  • It was the (bear or beer) that make Mel Famey Walk us.
  • People that live in grass huts shouldn't store thrones.
  • Arrows, Hell, I didn't see the Indians.
I profess to be funny but am a complete amateur compared to my Nieces husband Kriss. His Chinaman act with a popcorn bowl over his head absolutely is the funniest skit I have ever seen.

Laugh out there.


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  1. Anonymous11:28 AM

    My husband loves puns. He's got a dead pan sense of humor. He makes me laugh all the time but a lot of people find him intimidating at first. I can be funny... but in more of a dumb Lucille Ball kind of way. I can never remember jokes and I can never think of puns... unless it happens by accident.