Green Thoughts

I read that there is a guy in Sweden is powering his car by wood gas created in a small stove in the backseat. Makes me wonder if there isn't some way to capture the heat from a combustion engine and add to the ability of it to power a vehicle and get nearer to that 50 MPG goal. Perhaps we could use the combustion heat to get the oil out of the Oil Shale? The latest figure I read was that up to 80% of the products from a combustion engine (mostly heat) goes out the tail pipe.

A good friend is working on an electric powered cart to see if he can't boost up the top end so it can be used to run local errands. If it is a good as most of his projects it will be good and also purty.

One of the local electric shops here in Topeka took a Chevy S-10 and put an electric motor in it. They estimate that on the west coast people pay about $20,000 for such a conversion. It will go fast but only has a 40 mile range. I would like a little more range (more weight?) and also be able to charge the batteries using solar when it is parked somewhere. Perhaps such a vehicle with a trailer mounted generator for slightly longer trips could be rigged.

According to the local building code there is no need to get a permit to build a building up to 150 square feet. I wonder if that includes a tower 40 foot tall on top of the 10X15 foot building? Going to need a place to put the storage batteries. May also try to incorporate some type of water storage tank so I can put up a water solar heater and keep everything warm. Just a thought. I don't have plans yet so I don't have approval from the CEO here at Rabbit Run. Just so you notice, I am the head laborer here and a voting member of the Board of Directors but not a majority stockholder.

Well, the CD I am listening to is ending so I'd better get to doing something worth while.

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