It's Official

With the official price at $20.00 a truckload, I am now a certified Manure Shoveler. I took my tiller and tilled up a path about 20 feet long and covered it with a truck load of Manure from the dairy up the street. I tilled the manure into that tilled area and now am waiting for it to get a lot more mellow. I will add grass clippings and turn it a couple of times this year. I may plant a green manure grass (Rye Grass) on it this fall and turn that in next spring. I'll bet it is some kind of great garden soil next year.

So, if you are curious, the Master Gardner has given me the title as the guy most likely to shovel it with the big boys. From Head Laborer to Head Shoveler Man it just keeps getting better.



  1. There is NO DOUBT you will be considered in the search for the next "Nobel" BS shoveler.


  2. Lat time I looked that was a dairy and he has no bulls on the place. AI does all his work. So, it is not BS but CS. My brother-in-law said, Do you know the difference between that green stuff in Idaho and Texas? In Idaho most of it is on the outside of the boots. MUD

  3. Hey - watch what you say about Texas! It sounds like you are going to have one fantastic garden next year! It also sounds like you did a LOT of work!

  4. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Sounds like you're knee deep in CD.
    Stay cool!

  5. I love prepping soil...something about getting it turned and adding all that compost and fertilizer and seeing it ready for planting.