After the Pond Tour, The Rose Garden

After seeing a bunch of ponds and realizing that they are all a lot of work, Berb decided she would like to go the Renish Rose Garden in Gage Park. Instead of sitting in the car, decided that is was such a beautiful day I would get out and enjoy the park.

I saw this single red rose against the Kansas Sky and just couldn't resist.

This single pink rose just stood out in the sun and for only one flower, it did its best to look good and smell good doing it.

Being a sucker for crowds, these red roses were mighty pretty there together.

These were so yellow when the opened and then faded to a pinkish yellow after a day or so.

Right in the middle of the Rose Garden there is a water feature with one of the prettiest flowers against those big green lilly pads. Not one frog to be heard or seen.



  1. Beautiful! I like the water lily and the pinkish yellow rose best. If we're talking roses, though, wild roses are my favorite. Climbing roses gone wild come close, though. I don't like anything too manicured.

  2. Anonymous12:33 PM

    What beautiful pictures MUD!!!

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