I hope my friend down near Wichita will excuse me for using her photo of a farm with a windmill in the yard and a big windmill in the background. This is as pretty a picture as I could hope to ever see. Thank you Jenni.

I put this picture on my site as I think this fall, we will probably make a foray into wind energy using a wind mill Barb's Dad has. I also hope we can encourage her brother to come here and erect a tower and then have her parents come back on the train to talk specifics and technical stuff with us. I intend to work it into some form of solar and wind power system. Probably will use the electricity to power air movement equipment using batteries as a back up.

What ever we do, I am looking forward to a fun time with the family and hope that with their help we can reduce our carbon foot print.



  1. Anonymous10:04 PM

    25 years or more ago my grandparents next door neighbors put up a bunch of windmills on the front of their property. They lived on about 2 1/2 acres with the house about 2/3 the way back. They started out with one but ended with... gosh, 5 or 6? They guy was a doctor but really into fiddling around with windmill powered stuff. I don't know how far he got with that...if their house was completely powered by it or what... but he was also doing some kind of experiment. They had a bunch of kids that were 10 years and more older than me. His wife left him after 20 or more years together and one or two of his deadbeat kids live there now (at least that was the case when I was there 4 years ago). The windmills are still there but they have let the property go. I didn't even think anyone was still living there. The doctor died some time ago. Makes me wish I'd paid more attention back then.

  2. Cool! Danny has talked about something similar, but he's less specific about it, so I think it's not something he sees us doing anytime soon. He usually talks about it most when he thinks about our electric bill--which is not that often since I pay the bills. He's awful busy with work and his Bible studies, though, and I am absolutely clueless about how it all works.