Walnut Caterpillars

We have a lot of Hickory trees here at Rabbit Run and the first trees to get hit by the Walnut Caterpillars are the Hickory's. I just bought a new pump sprayer because the little one we had wouldn't get to the top of Dave's Cedar trees. The new one will spray a stream about 45 feet in the air. I really wouldn't mind these cats eating the leaves on the hickory trees if they would do their damage out in the yard away from the sidewalk and driveway. Any moisture and the droppings (Yes, Poop) turns brown and stains the concrete. I have been spraying for two days and probably have killed every living thing in the yard.

Looks like we are going to go to Appleby's for lunch with the kids. Always a good break to spend a little time with young ideas. Not that I understand everything but they always have a good time and are good for a laugh. I think smiling and laughing is one way to stay young, or at least not notice how old I feel.

Better get going miles to go.


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