Smile, Damn it!

We live in the most prosperous Nation in the World. Think back to when you were a kid and see how things are better now than they were then. I grew up in a house without central heat. We had linoleum not carpet and if you wanted a car as a kid, you had better go get a job and pay for it yourself.

What did I learn from that? I learned that you get what you get based on how much education you got and how hard you worked. Guess what? It worked and I will now continue to smile for the rest of my life.

Is it really important who is the next President of the United States? NO! either Congress will start working on the problems or we will elect a new bunch. Their approval rating in the single digits will solve some of that problem this election cycle.

I look around and see all the opportunities to everyone and marvel that we have the freedom to be winners or whiners. Pick one but I will be smiling when I do.



  1. It is a good reminder to us all that while we might not like the way things are going - we still have it MUCH better than many in this world.

    I can picture you smiling away!

  2. Good post. I just read an e-mail that carried someone's graduation speech (still wondering if it's true) but he proclaimed that our votes most count on those we put in Congress rather than the one we put in the White House.

    And I laugh at people I work with who wrinkle their nose at linoleum. We got what we could on sale and made a darn pretty kitchen floor out of it. Well, until I dropped a pan of burning coconut on it...then we had a rug in the kitchen from then on. Who knew that coconut burned when placed under a gas broiler???