Summer Food

Here is my vote for the best of Summer Food. It is a homegrown tomato that will be eaten with some crispy bacon, a little lettuce and some mayonnaise. We have some nice slice of honeydew melon and a tall glass of iced tea. (Photo by Barb)



  1. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Oh my Lord. You are one very mean man. Flaunting your produce so... you should be ashamed!

    I see a BLT in my future!!! I just hope I can find a tomato like that. Which I won't.

    You are rotten!

  2. I swear, this coming September, if a hurricane hasn't blown us away, I will remember this perfect tomato taunting me from your blog. I wiill plant several.

    What kind is this one? It looks like an heirloom variety. Jealous doesn't begin to describe it. Maybe wishful . . .

    Funny that Coffee Bean commented above. I came to you via her blog. Plus, I remember your funny "you're vs your" comment.

  3. This is a great pic of a great looking tomato (thanks Barb). I hope I get at least one great tasting tomato from the plants that I have growing. Did it taste as good as it looked?