Privacy and Blogging

This is a picture of me outside an outhouse on the Little House on the Prairie site near Independence, KS on our last trip to Tulsa. I had been in the car for a while and don't seem to be standing up straight. One of the problems I have with being old.

There has been some talk in the many blogs I read about pictures of family, privacy and in general why some people blog. The person that convinced me to write this blog in the first place wrote that she was going to take some time off. She'll be back soon because I think she is blogging for much the same reason I blog.

With me, I have always been a pretty open person and quick to laugh at my own foibles. I am quick to defend those I love, perhaps more than myself. This morning, I noticed the wife is wearing one of my T-shirts that says, "Arguing with a Petty is like wrestling with a pig. Everyone gets dirty and the pig loves it " Growing up, I listened to hundreds of great arguments between family members about all sorts of things. One of my favorite people in that regard was my uncle Hazen Lee. He could get very passionate (while drunk) and was very persuasive in spite of it.

My mother always had a friend over and they would discuss things at length. I learned many things (sometime more than I needed/wanted to know) and saw how nice a long conversation could be. Perhaps in some cases, these women were there at the expense of their families. One of the ladies that always cracked me up was the lady that smoked and between cigarettes had to hit her inhaler. I'l bet she smoked a pack an hour and probably used an inhaler each day. Yes, she died young and from her lung problems.

I write because I use this blog as practice for the book I want to write. I don't need the money from a book and would probably get myself in trouble if I were to ever get richer. It always is a surprise to me when I start listing my assets and see the bottom line. I don't need more stuff, only "want" some more stuff. Yes, I know the difference. What I hate is my lack of desire to organize all the stuff I have so I can make good use of it all.

Back to the original theme of this blog. If somewhere I offend you in my blog, I apologize. If I use your picture, what you see is what you get. I am what I am and I'm not Popeye. I'm MUD and you are not.


  1. Anonymous1:20 PM

    I love your style and I think your book will be a great read!

    I love all your pictures too!

  2. Hey, Denny, watch your head on that door jamb. Dang, that is a little door.

    Or either you are six feet seven inches tall.

  3. Hey, let me know when you get that book published. I'd like to buy a copy--signed of course!