They Are here!

This is our friends from Morocco, Julie, Kendra and Katrina. Three nicer people don't exist. We laoded their luggage in a car and Dave and I took them to lunch.

Here is Gerald, Katrina, Kendra and Julie. Julie said that she had been up all night and all day so any tired look was real. They will be back in Topeka at the end of July for a visit and in and out of Topeka until the end of August. If you think Gerald's shirt looks good, you should see him in the new hat.



  1. They came all the way from Morocco so you could dress them up in Jayhawks swag? Wow, they are good friends.

  2. Some of us have good taste and some of us are JayHawk fans. These guys are eye candy for an old guy who has gone two years without a Special K giggle. MUD

  3. What a beautiful family!