Dang, I hate getting old!

So far, I have made six trips upstairs with the express intent of getting the dust pan. I have the guest downstairs bathroom swept and there remains a dust pile in the middle of the room because I didn't bring the dust pan in any of the trips I made. Yea, I got it this time but now I just want to tell you how much I hated the fact I could not remember to bring it.

Did ya know that Barb grew up in a large family and they never had more than one restroom or toilet? We have a bathroom for each of three bedrooms. Heck, the master bath is as big as most bedrooms and I have had smaller bedrooms than most of the baths. If you knew that I am for the most part the toilet cleaner you would know that I am not bragging. I made the mistake of telling Barb how clean the bathrooms were when we were in Officer Candidate School and she just naturally assume that I want to keep ours that clean. Oh well.



  1. My rowers will be in Topeka on Friday but I will be in Arkansas...

  2. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Dang... you are A LOT (he he) older than me and I already have the same problem. That's a bit scary.

    I love how excited you are about your friends coming!

    I can't get my husband to clean the bathrooms the way Barb did... I am the more picky one in how it is done. Hmmmm. Any suggestions?