Good Intentions?

Yes, I know we have about a month before our house guests arrive from Morocco. Yes, I have good intentions and if I started to day I might have the garage semi cleaned up. But, things like rock walls, cooking for the kids, naps and a good book (Well, a fair book) got in the way. (So Far)

I have good intentions but just don't seem to want to be motivated to clean, scrub, kill dust bunnies, clean the carpet, patch cracks and the myriad of associated things I need to do. I can get motivated when at the store to purchase the supplies I need to clean, but by the time I get home they just loose the luster. I bought some of those Clorox toilet wand heads and a refill for the Windex but just don't seem to be in the mood to use them.

Oh well, I will post the finished look for the patio extension/rock retaining wall one of these days. The steps down from the wooden deck worked out really well. I finished them in less than a hour and they are stable and solid.

Hope you all have a good weekend out there. No lets see, where did I put that book?


  1. Anonymous3:46 PM

    You clean toilets?!?!?! You kill dust bunnies?!?!?! You need to send me some of whatever it is you drink so I can give it to my husband! LOL!

    I have a cleaning supply fetish... not pretty, I know. Other gals get in trouble for the money they spend at the mall. Me? Not so much. The maddest my husband has gotten over money I spent has all included my trips to Lowes.

  2. I have never heard a discouraging word about any money spent at Lowe's. MUD