Bucket List

As I mentioned earlier, here are some of the things on my Bucket List:
  • Family. Somewhere out there is a child that needs a grandfather and when and if that happens, I will be complete. Qualifications, giggles and the ability to give and get hugs. Color, black white pink purple or indifferent. (Well, I'm not sure about the purple now that I write it)
  • Money. We are pretty set for now and only when we have to start making mandatory withdrawals at 70 will it be a tax problem. (I also base this on the fact that the Government isn't taking too much yet) At some time maintaining rental houses will be a problem and there will be a conversion from real estate to some other form of investment. I still buy lottery tickets but would probably just get myself into more trouble than it would be worth. I think I buy them more for the fantasy of what I would do than the reality that I will probably never win.
  • Travel. I have seen most of the world but I guess there are a few places I want to take my camera to shoot. Perhaps if I rent a travel trailer once I might get that idea out of my mind. Seems like a good idea on the surface. I know Barb hates the idea of hauling our home with us. I hear Yellowstone is a good visit. Perhaps Zion and Yosemite.
  • Education. If you have never taken an Elder Hostel trip you have missed the fact that you are never too old to learn a few new tricks. I doubt that I will take and formal Graduate level classes but I do intend to continue some form of learning. I really don't want to take any more digital Photography classes but they always hold those where it is great to take pictures.
  • Things. We have almost filled 3,000 sq feet with things and if I add more things I will need more space not things. I know that Barb would love to have a barn and I want a metal storage bldg/shop. Somewhere in there is a solution. Haven't found it yet.
  • Transportation. I have had my one new car for this lifetime so now we will need to be looking for used transportation. Good mileage, not high test gas, big enough for me and if possible heated leather seats for Barb. Something about warm buns on cold days just works for her. It would be nice if I could improve the mileage on the older beasts I love to drive.
  • Health. I am at the age where I am looking at all the aches and pains and wondering what caused that. I do get an annual physical and regular teeth cleaning. My Doctor and i do share the goal of having medications for the problem areas and not being able to tell I am taking anything. A little high blood pressure and a cholesterol reading a little high are the only problems but well under control.
  • Das Booke. There is a book full of things I would like to write but for now I am using this blog as my outlet. I write a chapter for the book now and then but so far have it only in the memory of me and the computer. Perhaps if and when I get it organized I might try to do something with it all.
  • Life and Death. We have discussed what we want and what the end will look like. We neither one want some permanent marker in some remote graveyard. Cremation with some scattering of ashes is our solution. Barb wants to be in some garden somewhere and personally I don't care. The appropriate solution is to be scattered in some Artillery Impact Zone somewhere but not sure how that could/would be done.
Enough of this crap, I might even begin to think it is important what the heck my list looks like. These are just ideas and the reality is things will happen and I darned sure better like what happens not pine for some list of things to do. Mom had a poster on the back of her bathroom door that said, "It is better to like the things you have than wish for what you want".


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  1. Anonymous3:27 PM

    I really liked that movie. You've got a good list here! My grandparents had a blast going all over the country in their motorhome after he retired. There are groups you can join and you actually can make friends who are out doing the same thing.

    Get to work on that book!