Did Ja'

If you look close you can see one of the dogs in the lower right corner of this photo. (Directly in line with the left edge of the Webber grill lid.)

Did ja' ever have one of those days when you felt like doing a lot of nothing? Yesterday was a day that just didn't zing in my book. I didn't even unload the bike from the truck to make sure that it didn't get rained on. (I did check the weather channel) I left the mower and the chipper out on the driveway. There wasn't even a good marathon or some old program on TV. Barb went to work at Michael's and I sat at home most of the day and felt sorry for my sorry butt.

This morning I noticed that our female Black Lab was standing by the fence and barking. Normally Taco the big black slob is there watching but this time he was not there. I did see what I thought was a black blur in the driveway mirror. We have one of those big circles that allows you to see around the corner and there went a miniature Taco after the neighbor's dog "No Nuts". They neutered him to help him want to stay home. All it did was make his bark sound like one of those Italian "Castrates" in the choir. He bad a bark that sounds like he is about the size of a Chihuahua.

Our dog pen is from time to time electrified. Some of the time it is good to keep them penned up and other times the falling branches and green growing things short it out until it flips the GFI breaker. I am pretty careful to have a GFI breaker in the circuits that are in the garage or near water in any of the bathrooms. That did cause me some problem when the Fridge I had in the garage tripped the breaker where the freezer was when we were on vacation one year. That smell would gag a a maggot and you can't imagine finding a freezer full of stink greet you when you went out to get your first bowl of ice cream that first evening home.

I'll get some long pants on here soon and take the weed whacker out and clear around the fence. It might stay hot if I do that. If not, my father's day gift will be a new fence charger from TSC. (Tractor Supply Company) What do you get a man that has everything? what he needs at TSC. I'm sure that I'll also need a hand full (or is that hands full) of bolts n' such. They sell it by the pound and is about the best bargain in town.

Happy fathers day to all you fathers out there.



  1. Anonymous12:19 PM

    hApPy fAtHeR's dAy MUD!!!

    Barb works at Michael's... If I worked at Michael's I'd probably spend every dime (and more) that I made there!

    I hope your day gets good!

  2. I'm going to have to get me some new glasses .... I can't see that dog and I even zoomed the picture!!