Minor Comment Correction

How was I to know that one of the 11,000 people reading this crap was my better half? How was I to know she might modify her behavior if I commented about the daily agenda interrogation? As I look back on it, she was very silent last night and I might have even been given the silent treatment if I had noticed. She is off to Michael's again today for one of her busy days doing demonstrations. This morning she has one for the kids and this afternoon she has a Wilton Cake Decorating demonstration. I guess in July there is a 50% off coupon for the class and a $10 off coupon and both can be used making the enrollment about $7.00. There is some kind of class kit but hey if you want to do cute things, you need the right tools.

In the past two weeks, there has been rain about every day. Things are soggy out there. On the days where the rain is not predicted, it has been windy as a new front is due the next day. I may have to break down on a windy day and just paint the Valley Brook house with a roller. I have this really great spray gun but I don't want to have to re-paint the neighbor's car just to save a little time.

I also have some summer projects here at Rabbit run that will be on the schedule right after the painting is done. (and the roofing at the rental houses - may have to have that hired) There is a wisteria support (pergola?) and some work on the deck needed. I probably should put up that short section of the fence Barb has asked for each year for four or five years. It might cause the delivery people to put packages on the front porch instead of the patio. I have even found them on the front seat of the truck. Yes, I do have a three car garage and can only park two cars inside.

I noticed that each time I open this blog to edit something I misspelled or to check the comments the counter goes up by one. I guess the guests I have is probably nearer to 10,500 if I subtract out my own visits. Nope, I will take full credit for the entire 11,000 just as I take full credit for making 100% of this stuff up. So There!

Better get moving on, as I'm burning daylight. (The strange saying post is in the offering)


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  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Awwwww... you should do something really nice for her!