One Laugh and a Rant

lolday is july 7

My son turned me on to this web site and I laugh my butt off reading the insane captions and seeing cute animal pictures. If your day is boring (or if you are and need a relief) try reading this and see if it doesn't make you smile.

RANT! The following is a rant about recycling. Lately with all the great produce coming to the local grocery stores we have been getting some great ripe tasty produce. Barb has been putting the scraps in a bowl to go out to the compost pile. No, I don't really mind those little gnats by the bowl on the counter. I do really hate it when I open the refrigerator door and two are flying around in there. Dang it, they need to get a dog to pester and leave me alone!

Have a great day out there.



  1. Ooo! I have quite a few entries on the LOL site!

  2. Here are a couple of them:


    And my all time favorite: