No 'Matoes or 'Nadoes Need Apply

Yesterday was a strange day in a strange week in a strange month here in the Heartland. It started out sunny and a little cool. Wasn't supposed to storm, even a little bit. Got in 8 miles on the recumbent at the lake and about 6 hours on the mowers at all the places and about dusk it got dark early. There was some rough weather west of town and the clouds that should have gone on north seemed to change direction and come over our way. Strangest thing, is that set of clouds didn't drop s sprinkle here. About Midnight, another set of rolling storms came through and gave us at least another 1/2 inch.

Looking to the west, you can see that there was a couple of hours of sunlight normally left in the sky. Got so dark that the Nikon lifted its little flash and snapped a flash at the sky when this one got taken. Stupid camera. Might have been nice if there had been people up close to see but it was just lost in the glory of a Kansas cloudy sky.

OK, Truth time, Barb took these pictures. After the riding, putting a new tire on her bike and driving the mowers for 6 hours I was by this time asleep on the couch. A good shower, a fan and low light and I turn into Dagwood and his horizontal resting position. (With loud sound effects added)

I sure hope they get this tomato deal fixed soon. What good is eating at a Mexican restaurant without salsa. A BLT is just a BL without that red fruit of the gods.

Another stormy day predicted. I better go out and batten down the hatches.


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  1. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Our sky is a bit dark at the moment... 2 pm. We might be in for a rumbler but dark skies don't always materialize rain round here.

    A nap on the couch sounds mighty fine to me!