Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my sis, Carol. Here she is with their new dog, Maggie Sue. We wish her many more birthdays even if no one remembers which one it is.
The above picture was blatantly stolen from My Niece's blog site. Jenn is a Photo Journalist and takes one mean picture. If you think she is a great photographer, you should see her row a boat and/or coach her rowers. I love her lots and lots. I would have mentioned this earlier but I was in a hurry and did not even think that two minds would post this picture as a birthday tribute to my sister.


  1. Hey...you stole my picture!

  2. I don't see your fingerprints anywhere. But yes, when I see a beautiful picture, I copy it for my later blog file.

  3. That's a gorgeous Aussie pup! Happy b-day to your sis!