How Does Your Garden Grow?

A lot of mornings I go out to get the paper at "First Light" and because he is also old, the neighbor is often out fetching his paper. We stopped and talked about gardens and I mentioned our one tomato that is red. His goal is to have some by the Fourth of July. I admitted that we cheated and bought one plant with some setting on the plant when we bought it. This is one of the squash blossoms that I am hoping to start harvesting near the end of the month. I love to take yellow or zucchini squash and cook them in the microwave. Start with about a tablespoon of onion, one strip of bacon cut into one inch pieces and nuke them for a minute or two. Then cut up one or two zucchini and add them to the onion & bacon pan. Cook them for another four minutes. Stir that all together with a little seasoned salt and man is that some good eating.

This is one of the peppers (probably a JalapeƱo) that is set on. I think my genes have some Mexican of Cajun blood because I love these guys in about every way. Raw, cooked, stuffed and just eaten.

We do have some tomatoes setting on that were from the plant that had none when we brought them home. Our Black Walnut trees have kept us out of the tomato business until this year Barb insisted on having a garden out in the field where the leaves and roots of the trees don't reach. Yes, I also had to fence the garden because of the critters. If I can keep the wild turkeys off the grapes I could have some of them too.

This is some more green tomatoes with blossoms ready to set new tomatoes. In the past we could have great plants, they just didn't set tomatoes.

This is the cheat plant that had green tomatoes set on it when we bought it. Barb picked the red one today because it had some funny brown spots and a split on it. I'll bet we eat it with some bacon as BLT's tonight.

I didn't get any pictures of the peaches, pears and apples that are setting on the trees. (Barb didn't take any pictures of them) They seem to be growing well and this year we are actively spraying them to see if we can get anything edible. We have done well with our Asian Pears because they have a tough skin but this year we hope to eat some apples. Never had a peach, yet.

Hope your garden is growing and you can eat some great food this year. See, that Master Gardner course that Barb took wasn't a waste after all.



  1. Food pictures are like porn to me. Thanks.

  2. We planted our first garden here at our new home this year. It is not doing so great. Bugs, gophers, and who knows what else. We keep plugging away at it, hoping we get at least a little bit of a crop. We need to take a gardening class. Yours looks beautiful.

  3. Like Two Dogs and Kathy I enjoy the food & flower pics. My store bought tomato plant is big and leafy but the blooms aren't setting any tomatoes. I think I missed out on all the farming genes in the family.

  4. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Hey Nevada,
    You just live in a cold place and tomatoes are warm blooded like I am. We cheated and started with a tomato plant that was already setting on fruit for $6. Cheap at twice the price. Remind me to tell you about tunnel gardening sometime.