If you come to our front door here at rabbit Run, be careful to not step on the front porch cat. I think he has delusions about becoming a house cat but "I don't think so!, Tiger". Perhaps we should consider changing the name to cat sleep from rabbit run.

All I know is white flowers. No, I don't care to even bend over and read the tag.

Our Lake Shawnee park gardens are about the best in the world. They have one garden area that is just about the best. Yes, I know it costs a lot to keep our park pretty but what the heck do I care.

Yep, you got it, red flowers!

Another pretty park picture. See why I love to go there and ride? Yes, Barb stops about half way and takes pictures and I can ride like the wind and get in as many as 12 miles while she enjoys the flowers.

This picture is to show you why one part of the ride is dangerous. People love to bring a loaf of bread and feed the ducks and geese. It isn't the birds on the bike path that is dangerous, it is goose poop that is slippery as all get out and without fenders has a tendency to fly up. If you holler at the geese you are likely to get a mouthful. Hate it when that happens!



  1. Saw your "no comments" comment at Coffee Bean's RIGHTEOUS BUZZ so of course I just HAD to come over and leave one. ;)

    Love the cat, btw. We are big time cat people around here having anywhere between 6 to 30 at any given time according to how many litters of babies have been born.

  2. I am here from Righteous Buzz and I join elysa in leaving a comment! I spent 16 wonderful years in Kansas, the Manhattan- J.C. area and I so enjoyed seeing the Lake Shawnee pictures! I'll be back (and comment!)

  3. Anonymous3:31 PM

    How cool of Elysa and Kathy! That makes me smile!

    I love your pictures. Do you ever swim in that lake? My mother-in-law is allergic to duck poop and whenever she swims in a lake where there are a lot of ducks around, she breaks out in a horrible rash.

  4. Coffee Bean...even your comments are unbelievable. I mean, I believe you because I know you IRL and know that you don't lie...but how can so many "interesting" people and things happen in ONE extended family? LOL!

  5. Love the bent bike. But geese ARE messy! Ew!