Perfect Day

There is just no way to express adequately how nice today was. It was just above 70 this morning with about a 10 mile per hour breeze that was cooling and felt dry. I worked for about three hours on the rock wall and almost didn't work up a sweat. I worked very hard but it was so nice. Barb was there helping all she could and we accomplished a lot. Tomorrow it will take a couple more loads of gravel and most of the second pallet of rocks.

After the work in the yard, we went to the "Pond Tour" put on by the local pond club. We drove all over town and saw some really good ponds. I'm sure that Barb now has some better ideas to improve our layout. Most of them are just a lot of work but one thing that stood out was that most of the ponds we saw had pumps that moved a lot more water than we currently have in our pond.

Oh well, life is always something to look forward to.


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