What's Wrong With Businesses Today

Last evening for the 12th or 13th Thursdays in a row, we had a major storm warning. Earlier in the day a tornado was seen hanging from a cloud but did not hit the ground. A major thunderstorm system was headed to Topeka and we had a severe thunderstorm warning issued. Dave came over to be in the basement in case it did continue to storm.

I asked Dave if he had to work that evening and he said that Best Buy had some kind of computer glitch and a lot of the floor personnel had their hours cut way back. I told him that he needed to tell his boss that if they continue to cut his hours, he needed to get a job that he could count on. If the corporation would cut a couple of hours from the CEO on down it would be no big deal. The corporations today just cut the hours of the workers at the store level without thinking about the effect. What the heck, they are simply names on a roster.

I related this to Barb and she said that the store she works at had the same thing happen. Many of the hourly workers had their hours cut way back. Barb had already reduced her hours so she didn't get cut like some of the others. She said that the corporate staff really cut the stores hours from week to week.

Is it any wonder that the kids today don't have any loyalty to where they work? If your job doesn't take care of your needs, why would you invest a lot of time and effort to them.



  1. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Nibbling at blue collar daily hours, seriously impacts the worker. He/she still has to drive the same number of miles, the same number of times... but brings home a smaller paycheck. If hours need to be reduced, then the worker should be offered fewer, regular, 8 hour work 'days' instead of chopping up each day into smaller chunks. This would result in reduced travel expenses for the worker.. at NO cost to the company.

    Gris'n company

  2. I agree w/Gris'n Co. I suspect what is happening is that inflation is eating into discretionary budgets and folk can't afford to buy craft supplies, electronics, etc. The trickle down is that stores are cutting back and the easiest thing to cut is employee hours, next up is cutting jobs. Get debt free, buy ahead on the essentials, keep your tank full. Everything is going to get more expensive, there is no way it cannot. All compliments of the U.S. Government. Just my two bits.