A Moment of Math

Yesterday, Barb and I went to a new rock place here in Topeka and found the perfect rock to stack for a retaining wall. How much is it? $90 a ton. We ordered three pallets of it and it weighed in at 11001 Lbs. The girl in the office took out her handy dandy jiffy good calculator and divided 90 by 2000 to get the cost of a pound of rocks and then multiplies it by 11001 and said it was $555.00.
Now, lets see if my math is different. 11,000 pounds is 5 1/2 tons or 450 + 45 or about $495.00. Where did the other $50.00 come from? From that damned calculator rounding the numbers to 2 decimal places. Instead of being 4.5 cents a pound (90/2000 = .045) it rounded the number to .05 and would have cost us an extra $50.00 had Barbara not been paying attention. It is the real McCoy for stacking but someone needs to watch that office girl.


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  1. Eek. I could have made that mistake, and if someone made it with me as the customer, I doubt I would have noticed.